Free Video Downloader Apps Like Vidmate For Android, iPhone/iPad

Here, We are going to know free Video Downloader apps like Vidmate. The post is useful for Android users as well as for iOS. Even though the web is a highly common phenomenon nowadays, occasionally you might be left stranded without it if there is a network problem or if you are hiking in the mountains or are in the ocean on your yacht. The point being there might come a time when you want to watch one of your favorite videos, and there won’t be any internet to save the day.

Video downloading apps are the answer to this problem. These apps are available both for PCs and mobile phones, but here we will be concentrating on apps for your smartphones. These apps allow you to store your favorite TV shows, songs, and movies into your device so that you can watch that media anytime you like, any place you like.

Video Downloader Apps Like Vidmate For Free Video Downloads

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Video Downloader Apps For Android 

Video Downloader Apps For iPhone/iPad

Be it a video of the stingrays swimming near the Arctic or a football game of France and Portugal in the finals of the Euro, the apps mentioned above will let you relive all that you love again and again. There are a lot of video downloaders out there, but these apps have been handpicked because of their compatibility with different websites, their ability to play and store different video formats and the ease of use of their user interface.

Video Downloader Apps Like Vidmate For Android

iTube: It is a free Music and Video download application available for both Android & iOS. Directly download iTube from the website mentioned.

itube downloader app menu on AndroidVideoder: Since the previous app could not download from YouTube here is the one which is the best for downloading from YouTube. Just visit this site All the steps required for downloading the app are laid out clearly in the link. Even though it is not available in Google Play store, it is a trusted video downloader.videoder video downloaderAll Video Downloader: Although this app is compatible with most of the video streaming sites, only two videos can be downloaded at one. Not a big issue, though, given that it supports almost all the types of video formats. It can be downloaded from the Google playstore or visit this link.

Tube Video Downloader: You will not be able to download YouTube videos using this app, but it works on almost all other video channels. Additionally, it provides you with the ability to download a large number of files simultaneously. Here is the link to install it on your Android video downloader appPro Video Downloader: No issues in downloading from any website with this app. YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion.

Insta Downloader Video and Photo: As the name suggests you can download all the images and videos you like from Instagram using this app. Please visit the Play Store to install this one.

Other Best Video Downloaders For Android:

  1. AVD Download Video Downloader
  2. Media Clip PRO Video Downloader
  3. BaDoink Video Downloader
  4. Get Them All Any File Downloader
  5. Video Downloader
  6. Multi Clip – Free Video Download for Android
  7. Mirmay Downloader & Private Browser
  8. Download Manager for Android
  9. Tubemate
  10. Fastest Video Downloader
  11. FVD (Free Video Downloader)
  12. Full Video Downloader

We have compiled a list of 10 apps (5 for Android and 5 for iOS) built exactly for this purpose. It is said that a single picture can describe a thousand words. By extension, a single video should represent a million words! Learning something by ‘seeing’ is much easier. In fact, a majority of what we know is due to what we see.

Also, watching videos is a favorite pastime. So much so that YouTube, the most famous video streaming site today, had revenues to the tune of 9 billion US Dollars in 2015.

Video Downloading Apps For iPhone/iPad

iTube For iOS: As I was mentioned above, it is available for iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone & iPods. Visit the link here to download the iTube.

McTube: Great app for downloading from YouTube. The best thing about the app is that you get to choose the video quality that you want to download and a host of other controls. It can also be downloaded directly from the AppStore. Download here.mctube downloader for ios: iPhone & iPad

MyVid: This app is recommended for its great navigation features. Here is a link to this fantastic app. Click here to start the download.myvid for iOS gadgetsMxTube: This app has an advanced search to find out exactly the video you are looking for. Also armed with an arsenal of other features like playing videos in the background, this is probably the best YouTube video downloader out there. Download it here.

Video Downloader Pro: Again does not download from youtube. But is a highly recommended downloader. You can download it directly from the app store.

iBolt Downloader and Manager: This app is a must have for privacy freaks. It comes highly recommended for its good privacy settings. You can download it directly from iTunes or the AppStore.

Other Best iPhone/iPad Video Downloader Apps:

  1. Free Video Downloader Plus
  2. Tube Downloader Pro
  3. Titan Downloader
  4. Best Video Downloader
  5. YTD Video Downloader for iOS
  6. Video Downloader Super Lite
  7. Mxtube for Youtube
  8. Mediaburner
  9. Ultra downloader
  10. Better Tube
  11. Telly
  12. Total Downloader Free
  13. Glarab
  14. DownloadMate
  15. Tube Master
  16. QWE Downloads
  17. Filer
  18. Tube Mate

Netflix another famous video streaming site reported 6.77 billion US Dollars in the same year with a net income of 122 million dollars. Even though the revenue models of both the companies are different, the point remains the same. In any public transport, you are bound to find a teenager or a person of any age for that matter, wearing headphones and looking intently at their mobile or laptop screens. The 21st century has brought us superfast internet speeds and with it a host of new capabilities which were not available to our earlier generations.

They will give you unmatched performance on your smartphones. Downloading and storing videos on your phone has never been easier, faster and safer. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phones and start downloading.